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This is the latest NAVFAC approved version of Success Estimator. It includes Navy Templates, Reports, Macros, and a Readme file that includes direct links to often accessed pages on the NAVFAC and U.S.COST web sites. This Readme file can be accessed at any time following installation by clicking on the Readme button on the Success Estimator toolbar. This version also includes a fully functional ActiveX interface and includes over 60 ready-to-use macros. This version is fully compatible with the one currently in use by NAVFAC, and an activation file must be obtained prior to unrestricted use.

In order to install or uninstall Success Estimator onto workstations that are tied to a network, you must have full read and write permission. Please contact your Network Administrator for assistance in setting up the correct permission on your network. Once removal and/or installation is complete, the permissions can be reset.

If you have any questions or need purchasing/license information, please email Technical Support or contact your NAVFAC POC.


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